Auction Date: Nov 09 , 2018

Parcel of land - SXM UPQ 446/2007
Parcel of land Rice Hill Gardens, Upper Prince's Quarter - SXM UPQ 446/2007
Friday, November 9th, 2018 at 10.00 hours a.m


A parcel of land, with an area of ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED FOUR SQUARE METERS (1904 m²), situated on the Island of Sint Maarten, in the district of Upper Princess Quarter, in the area known as Rice Hill, further known as lot number F-4 of the Rice Hill Gardens Residential Subdivision, described in Certificate of Amdeasurement number SXM UPQ 446/2007
Reserved price (being the minimum bid) will be US$ 112,000.00

The public sale will take place under the customary auction conditions which are, by raised bid (in Dutch: “middels opbod”) subsequently by Dutch bid (in Dutch “afmijnen”) in one (1) session.

The general as well if any special conditions on the auction, will be available at Notary office Mingo situated at the Fouress Building Suite 4D, Emmaplein, Philipsburg.

Every bidder or potential buyer has to identify him or herself when appearing at the public auction to the civil law notary.

The bidder prior to partaking in the public auction and bidding, has to provide the civil law notary with a written guarantee by a banking institution (for example a bank letter/or banker’s check) for the payment of his or her bid including the additional and affiliated auction charges which are for the buyer (as stipulated in the general auction conditions of civil law notary Mingo).

The buyer shall pay the notarial fee, the registration stamps, the disbursements, transfer tax, cancellations of mortgage(s), annulment of attachment(s), costs and charges of the notarial authentic report(s) of the auction and the conveyance of title to and the registration of the immovable property in the name of the buyer in the Public Registers, deed of assignment (in Dutch: Akte de Command), deed of acquittance, the aforementioned bank guarantee, and remaining costs and charges pursuant to the general and particular conditions of the auction.

Interested parties are strongly advised/recommended to:

  • (i) to review the auction conditions before attending the auction;
  • (ii) to start requesting their bank guarantee at least four (4) weeks prior to the auction.
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